Dominic Christenson is a playwright and theatre practitioner located in the Pacific Northwest. Originally from central California, he’s currently entering his third year of university as a Theatre Arts major and considers himself a jack of all trades and absolutely a master of none. Outside of the performing arts, Dominic is an audiophile, wannabe chef, hardcore human rights advocate, and the proud father of one rude cat.

The goals of this blog are as follows:

  1. Critically analyze productions in a theatric and literary sense.
  2. Apply different lenses to applicable shows.
  3. Not only review, but see what was done right, what was done wrong, and offer approaches that can heighten the show if necessary.
  4. Expand reach- talk to directors, designers, playwrights, producers, actors, stage managers, run crew, get everyone’s take- theatre in itself is a group activity, and all visions being seen are necessary to its survival.
  5. Talk about theatre as a whole, including but not limited to new production companies doing new things, takes on debates in the community, and the history, present and future of theatre.

The artistic community as a whole deserves deeper review and critique of their work; an intimate understanding, a discussion beyond plot and who did a good job playing what character. To continue to thrive, discussion of metaphor, symbolism, what place a production has in society, what the politics of shows are, and what themes and ideals should be projected and shown in the community are necessary.

At the brink of a golden age of theatre and media, there’s more to access, discuss, dissect and digest than ever before. We must take it upon ourselves to do better and make better, for us and the artistic community at large.